Refund And Returns Policy

Returns Policy:

If your product is damaged, defective, incorrect, or incomplete at the time of delivery, please raise a return request on the TukTak Deal app or website. Return requests must be initiated within 7 days for any items from the date of delivery. For more information on warranty claims, please view our Warranty Policy. For selected categories, we accept a change of mind. Please refer to the section below on Return Policy per Category for more information.

Valid reasons to return an item:

  • Delivered product is damaged (i.e., physically destroyed or broken) / defective (e.g., unable to use).
  • The delivered product is incomplete (i.e., has missing items).
  • Delivered product is incorrect (i.e., wrong product/size/color, or expired).
  • The delivered product does not match the product description or picture (i.e., the product is not as advertised).

Refund Policy

Issuance of Refunds: The processing time of your refund depends on the type of refund and the payment method you used. The refund period/process starts when TukTak Deal has processed your refund according to your refund type. The refund amount covers the item price and shipping fee for your returned product.

Refund Types: TukTak Deal will process your refund according to the following refund types:

  • Refund from returns – Refund is processed once your item is returned to the warehouse and QC is completed (successfully). To learn how to return an item, read our Return Policy.
  • Refunds from canceled orders – Refund is automatically triggered once cancellation is successfully processed.
  • Refunds from failed deliveries – The refund process starts when the item has reached the seller. Please take note that this may take more time depending on the area of your shipping address.
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